Oct 8, 2009


force fed glass forcefedglass download when backs are turned, knives are pulled
Fall of Leningrad Split 7'' (1999)
The Self Destruct EP – The Swarm Split 7'' ( 1999)
Fine Tuned Chaos Motherfuckers (a Complete Discography of Shit) (2004)
When Backs Are Turned Knives Are Pulled (Extended Edition) (1998/2015)

Forcefedglass were formed in Falmouth, Cape Cod, Mass. in July of 1997 and continued until their final resting place in Richmond, Virginia in 2000. The band incurred numerous line-up changes and saw the birth of numerous projects that also contributed to D.I.Y. hardcore.

Buy 'When Backs Are Turned, Knives Are Pulled (extended edition)' on bandcamp

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