Jan 25, 2010

Reaching Away

Reaching Away started in the summer of 2009 after The Pine had a 5 year hiatus.  Reaching Away includes three band members of The Pine.

They will be recording all of there current material on feb 26th and 27th . They hope to release a full length, a 7", and a couple split 7"s .

Jan 18, 2010

Calabash Case

Calabash CaseSelf-Titled (1995)
Self-Titled (2 songs) (1998)
Parading Constantly (1998)

Amazing unknown band from San Diego (CA), floating between soft emo and loud emocore. The 2-song-self-titled is a must have.

Jan 12, 2010


A hardcore/emo band from San Diego that pioneered many elements of screamo in 1991. They thrashed about with a sound like none other. After they broke up they went on to form and play with bands such as End of The Line, Antioch Arrow, Spacehorse and Clikatat Ikatowi.

Jan 11, 2010

Living War Room

Self titled CD (1998)

Emotional hardcore band from Northern California.

Jan 10, 2010


download Discography (2004)
download Three Years in the Desert (2006)

Put this band on my other blog i share with a friend, Screaming at a wall, unfortunately almost no one downloaded them. So lets give them another chance here; Zann is a chaotic hardcore band with screamo influences from Germany founded in 1999. They sprang out of the late 90s hardcore scene in eastern Germany. For the kids by the kids is their Discography cd and includes all vinyl releases until 2004 and the demotape. Three years in the desert is their Brutal bleak Hardcore with Screamo influenced full-length released in 2006.

Jan 9, 2010

The Last Forty Seconds

Demo (1999)
Self-titled 12" (2000)
A Trillion Barnicle Lapse Split (2001)
Sundowner Split (2001)

The Chase Split

The Last Forty Seconds was a soulful, moody hardcore band that exsisted for only a short time in 1999/early 2000s, whose extremely emotive songs stood out due to the unique vocals of singer Andy Maddox.

Jan 8, 2010

Dear Diary I Seem To Be Dead

New Orleans band doing the hardcore a la early 90's screamo.

Get it on bandcamp.