Jan 10, 2010


download Discography (2004)
download Three Years in the Desert (2006)

Put this band on my other blog i share with a friend, Screaming at a wall, unfortunately almost no one downloaded them. So lets give them another chance here; Zann is a chaotic hardcore band with screamo influences from Germany founded in 1999. They sprang out of the late 90s hardcore scene in eastern Germany. For the kids by the kids is their Discography cd and includes all vinyl releases until 2004 and the demotape. Three years in the desert is their Brutal bleak Hardcore with Screamo influenced full-length released in 2006.


  1. hell yeah! this band reminds me of any PER KORO RECS bands with their chaotic, raw, and emotional (with their own brutal style..) sound. they're one of the germany bands that has something to say. lets question evertyhing!

  2. This is a great band..to bad no one downloaded them..people miss good bands..