May 23, 2009


Crocus screamo

Crocus started early summer 2007 in the UK and split up in 2012. They combine elements of emo-violence, screamo and hardcore.

What Price, Wonderland?

download What Prince, Wonderland? bandDemo CDr (2004)
Feel, Express, Share, Aid EP (2005)
Single Series 7'' (2005)
Claim (2007)
Thirty With A Wink (2007)
Syn*error Summer 2007 Tour Split CDr (2007)
Syn*error Split 7'' (2008)
It Is True, It Is Shakey. (2009)
Twisted Split (2010)

What Prince, Wonderland? are an influenced 80's/early 90's emocore, 80's hardcore, indie rock, post-punk band from Warwickshire, UK. Been going in some form since 2002.