Nov 16, 2018


Mira is a band from Bremen, Germany. So far they have only released their 3-song self-titled in 2017. In a few months they will release their first 12" which has already been recorded. This is definitely a band to look out for.

Mira was also nice enough to send me a physical copy of their beautiful record. The cover is made with lino printed artwork with a 4-sided Booklet and several drawings made by the band. Something that I definitely appreciate! I cannot wait to see what they will do with their 12''. Stay tuned!

Aug 30, 2018

Don Martin Three

don martin three

Don Martin Three was from St. Augustine, FL. They were alive from '93 to '96. Colin played the guitar and sang, Brian played the bass, and Dave the drums. There is supposedly some unreleased stuff from them out there: a 4-Track recording of the LP, the song "Orchestra", live recordings of at least two unreleased songs.

Aug 23, 2018

request stuff if you want im still here

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