Dec 2, 2012


Dolcim (2008 - 2010), formed from the ashes of Cease Upon The Capitol, was a post-hardcore/screamo band from Nashville/Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  Band members went on to play in Altar of Complaints, Endamori and Kafka on the Shore and one of them runs Sleeping House Records label.

Nov 5, 2012

Her Breath On Glass

Live CDR (2009)
Compilations (Emo Apocalypse 12'' (2006) & Single Series 7'' (2007))
Love.Life (compilation) (2009)
Leave Nothing But Footprints, Take Nothing But Photographs - Chapter I - I Found Myself in Austin, Texas, Bail Split (2011)

Her Breath On Glass is a two-piece emo/screamo/really intense and nice-to-listen-to band from Boston, Massachusetts. Their vocals are super intense and heart breaking. Features members from the Saddest Landscape. 

This is probably their most complete discography you can find on the internet. Although there are two records missing; compilation song, and the three-way split with I found myself in Austin, Texas/Bail/Her Breath on Glass. If you have any of these please share

The band is btw also still active so if you like their stuff please buy it and support the labels who release their records!

Sep 23, 2012


(This post has been lingering around for over 2 years now. I finally decided to post them after I found one of their records at Ieper fest this year.)

May 17, 2012

Pygmy Lush

Bitter River (2007)
Mount Hope (2008)
Untitled (2008)
Split w/ Turbo Slut (2009)
Old Friends (2011)
Cold World/Guilt (2011)

I wanted to post this band ever since I heard of them but since I'm a lazy typist I didn't post them, until now! I present you the entire Pygmy Lush discography! In case you haven't heard of Pygmy Lush before (shame on you!) they're a folk/indie band from Sterling, Virginia. The band was formed by ex-pg.99 members and are accompanied by other band members that were in bands such as City of Caterpillar, Majority Rule and Malady. I don't think I've come across a band lately that gives me chills like Pygmy Lush does and I have no words to properly describe them. Just listen to them and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Apr 26, 2012

I Have Dreams

download I Have Dreams screamo
Three Days 'Til Christmas (1999)

I Have Dreams was one of the finest screamo bands around in the 90s. They were born from the ashes of the band New Ethic, after their guitar player Daniel died in a car accident. I Have Dreams were more than a band - in the words of Mike Peters (vocals): “It was an attempt to cope with the pain everyone was feeling after Daniel’s death.”  They were together for roughly six months, and they broke up in the Spring of 1999.

Mar 13, 2012

Old Gray

Demo (2011)
Girl Scouts Split (2011)
Do I Dare Disturb the Universe (2011)
The Hundred Acre Wood Split - An Acoustic Split Among Sad Friends (2011)

Everything I Let Go & The Things I Refused To (2012)
'I Think I Might Love You' Is An Awfully Long Sentence 7" 
4-Way V-Day Split 
An Autobiography LP 
The Artist 5"
September 4-Way Split (Part 1)
Catharsis (2011 Demo) 
Fest 12 Split 7" Split 
Tiny Moving Parts Split 7"

Old Gray, hailing from New Hampshire, is a relatively new band in the scene playing a mixture of screamo/emo/indie music. They're an amazing band and only started in April 2011.

Feb 2, 2012

Phasma Phasmatis

Phasma Phasmatis were a chaotic screamo band formed in the fall of 2002. They unfortunately disbanded in the summer of 2003 while on tour with She Notes The Chariots and Sine Nomine.

Feb 1, 2012

Beneath Low Flying Planes

Beneath Low Flying Planes

Beneath Low Flying Planes (? - 2006) were a chaotic screamo band from Melbourne, Florida. Members carried on separate projects such as Crusades, Gomek, Written and Erased, and Brainstorm.

Got some stuff from the blog This Endless Breath (check it out)