Apr 27, 2010

The Pine

download the Pine band emo Self-titled (2000)
Homeless Life 7'' (2002)
Lead Blocks For Feet (2002)
Self-Titled LP (2003)
Split with The Saddest Landscape (2003)
Days Slipping By (2004)
The Pine Acoustic (live) (2005)
Don't Need Regret LP (2005)
Split with La Quiete (2005)
Compilation Songs
Some Unreleased Stuff

The Pine is truly one of my favorite bands and here is all the stuff I found of them for so far and I think this is the most complete discography of The Pine you can find on the interwebs. 

The Pine is from Bakersfield, CA and play some truly righteous emotional music in the vein of Evergreen. They broke up, but 3/4th of the band are playing together again in their new band Reaching Away. Make sure you download both bands if you haven't yet!

Thanks to discohijack.blogspot.com