Apr 12, 2009

A Case Of Grenada

A Case Of GrenadaThe Evidence (2003) 
Hell Actually Is All Around (2005) 

A Case Of Grenada was a german hardcore/screamo Band from Siegen, Germany. They've been playing under the name “Towdown” for 42 months. At the beginning of 2003 they decided to give themselves a new name. In that year they also released their first album The Evidence. In 2005 they came up with Hell Actually Is All Around, their 2nd full length. They played their last show in 2007.

Apr 11, 2009


download Mohinder band

Mohinder. A band found in 1993 in Cupertino, CA. For a little over a year they captured the attention of the hardcore underground scene with their brief but absurdly powerful bursts of shambolic noise and instantly legendary live performances. By the end of 1994 Mohinder was only a memory.