Nov 5, 2012

Her Breath On Glass

Live CDR (2009)
Compilations (Emo Apocalypse 12'' (2006) & Single Series 7'' (2007))
Love.Life (compilation) (2009)
Leave Nothing But Footprints, Take Nothing But Photographs - Chapter I - I Found Myself in Austin, Texas, Bail Split (2011)

Her Breath On Glass is a two-piece emo/screamo/really intense and nice-to-listen-to band from Boston, Massachusetts. Their vocals are super intense and heart breaking. Features members from the Saddest Landscape. 

This is probably their most complete discography you can find on the internet. Although there are two records missing; compilation song, and the three-way split with I found myself in Austin, Texas/Bail/Her Breath on Glass. If you have any of these please share

The band is btw also still active so if you like their stuff please buy it and support the labels who release their records!


  1. Hey, bro! Here I leave here the link for comp. ?yy2zzg15mzz
    Greetings, dude!