Oct 21, 2009

Daniel Striped Tiger

Daniel Striped Tiger screamo punk post hardcore Self-Titled Demo (2004)
The Desert Bird 7" EP (2004)
Condition (2005)
They And The Children Split: 7" (2006)
Live At Dead Air Split 11" w/ Ampere, Wasteland, Death To Tyrants (2006)
Capital Cities (2007)
Sinaloa Split 7" (2008)
Certain Stuff (2009)
Teenage Cool Kids Split (2010)
No Difference (2011)

Daniel Striped Tiger, formed in October 2003, are a screamo punk band from Boston, MA. They started with the motivation of participating in a DIY punk scene that its members grew up in. They're influenced by much of the early ’90s emo/post-hardcore scene (Dischord, Gravity), as well as bands such as Orchid, Wolves, 400 Years, etc.


  1. Got into this band really late but this is brilliant. Especially the Self-titled Demo .

  2. Omg. Shut the fuck up. I told you to listen to this ages ago stubborn bitch.