Oct 13, 2009

The Candyland Carcrash

Self Titled 7" (1996)
A Rocket Trip To the Moon (Seraphim Split)

The Candyland Carcrash was a short-lived emo/screamo band from Virginia Beach. They existed long enough to only release 4 tracks. By their small amount of listeners they're recognized as one of the greatest bands in emo history.


  1. Their self-titled is without a doubt one of my favorit 7"s of all time.

  2. Any mailadress here? Please get in contact with me: tahini@veggiemail.com
    It would be so great!! Sorry for my bad English.
    Greetings; Hugs & Kisses to you Dawgeh & Kitt.

  3. since you've post that band, i can stop listen to them haha, thanks


  4. do you have some lyrics for one of those song? i was searching and can't find any of them

  5. I know that the vocalist is on a couple of projects...one as a drummer/singer and the other one solo. I saw it on facebook after googling a lot... It is Gororoxa and Frowne Royale if I am not mistaken. Good stuff!!

  6. http://www.myspace.com/frowneroyale