Nov 22, 2009

The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra

Demo Tape (2000)
The Kinetic Crash Cooperation Split LP (2001)
Jedes Herz ist eine Zeitbombe 5" (2001)
Louis Cyphre Split 10'' (2002)
Louis Cyphre Split 3.5'' (2002)

La Quiete Split 7'' (2003)
The Kinetic Crash Cooperation Split CD (2003)
Create The New (2004)

V/A songs

The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra was a German screamo band which existed from 2001 to 2004.

if someone has their 5" Jedes Herz ist eine Zeitbombe, please contact me!


  1. Wow, thanks for uploading this stuff!!!

    Fabien (Apoplexy)

  2. you're welcome :)
    thanks for the comment!

  3. I've got the 5" on vinyl, there are 3 new songs if I'm not mistaking but I don't know how to rip those from vinyl to computer file...

  4. I love this band!

    I saw this tracklist (Demo, 2000)
    but can't find it for download anywhere :(

    1 In Love With A Switchblade
    2 I'm Sorry That I Won't Join Your Breakfast Club But I'm On Expedition On Mars
    3 Don't Worry! Be Happy! Written All Over His Corpse
    4 I've Disguised Myself As A Hedgehog Infected With Rabies To Frighten All My Neighbors
    5 Have You Heard Of Tyler Durden?
    6 Question: Who Cut Your Hair? Answer: The Helicopter.
    7 The Winner Of The Most Beautiful Star Award Owns Such Cute Pets
    8 The Daily Newsflash: A Man Was Run Over By A Train. The Head Is Still Missing.
    9 Misanthrophy Increasing With Every Good Thoughtful Shit

  5. I search the demo too. reupload please!

    1. I'll upload it tomorrow!

    2. hey, reupload it, please! and yeah,you so still have not found five inches? :(