Feb 28, 2009

Architects (Faithealer)

Architects were a screamo/emo violence band from Austin, Texas. Band members went on to play in bands such as Mindless, Chest Pain, and For Want Of.

I have tagged them with 'Faithealer' cause I am not sure if they renamed their band 'Faithealer' or if it is their new project.


  1. this is ARCHITECT from Austin, no "S" at the bottom of their name...
    but thanks for the demo!

  2. i;m pretty sure there is and s. architect wit no s is a mainstream band or something.

  3. well i believe its architects with an s. also architects is the UK architects (as you can read in my description --> LEARN TO READ PEOPLE)

    nevertheless, theyre in a band now called faithealer and i maybe post their shit on my blog too, soon.

  4. they had a myspace dont know if they still do i got this demo in an envelope with a photocopy cover glued on, it is supposed to have an insert but mine didnt my friend got one though but its been years and borrowing it falls through, same songs though. i also got a 7" but it says test pressing so i dont kmnow if they are all like tht or it really is a test pressing, saw em once in san antonio,tx and hour and a half south of austin.

  5. they now go by the name of Faithealer?

  6. i already said that above.

    god, even my teammembers cant read.

  7. Faithealer is no longer around. The female vocalist of this band, Faiza, now plays in Mindless with the guitarist of this band, Bryan. The old bass player from this band, Matt, now plays in Chest Pain with Jesse, who was the final drummer for Faithealer. Faiza also did vocals for a little while in Hatred Surge with Chris who was the final Bass player and male vocalist in Faithealer. Rusty who was the original male vocalist of Architects later played in Total Abuse with Ryan, who played Bass in Faithealer for awhile. Gabe was the orginal drummer for Faithealer and now plays in For Hours and Ours. This band had about a million different line ups the only two members that were consistent through out Architects/Faithealer was Bryan and Faiza who are both now in Mindless.

  8. I Just saw Chest Pain not long ago. I had no idea that a member of Architects was in Chest Pain, they were good powerviolence. I saw Architects in El Paso and got this Demo for free from them, they saw how enthusiastic I was about their music, so they just handed it to me. It did come in a yellow envelope with a transparency of a highway and neighborhoods, small flyers with the lyrics and explanation to the songs with contact information, the cd came sparypainted black with yellow/green splotches. I uploaded it into my mediafire. I don't have a scanner so it doesnt have all the inserts but if you play it in itunes, you can view the lyrics and explanations, I embedded them into the mp3s. I'll leave it here if anyone wants to download it or whatever, I was looking for more stuff of them but keep running into the metalcore band from U.K. I am going to try and email them, but I doubt they still use that email.

    Architects - Demo 2005

    1. Oh hey! Thanks so much for this. I had no idea that the peepz from Chest Pain were in Architects. Chest Pain actually contacted me to post them on my blog together with For Want Of. Brian Chamblee plays in both of the bands. I love both his bands but I never posted them on my blog or contacted them back about the bands, which I feel really, really bad for cause they're amazing and I listen to both bands a lot. I should mail back and ask which of the band members were in Architects.

      Really nice of them too that you got the demo for free and that you saw them live! Lucky you :) And thanks for sharing it with us! I appreciate it.